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Benfica won in the last Saturday their 4th league title in a row. They won by 5-0 at home against Vitoria de Guimaraes, and they were in party mode until monday night. For the club this was the main goal for this season, andnow they are 100% focus on the cup final in 28/05. This game means nothig for the team. This only one game to patry in thr North of the country, and the coach Rui Vitória will probably use some players that still didn't play and give them a chance to be officially champions too.

Based on this I believe that Benfica will play with their second team, with Paulo Lopes (3rd goal keeper); Hermes (left defender, still with 0 games played), Lisandro, Kalaica (still 0 games in league) and Pedro Pereira (right defender with 0 games in the league). In the midfield Samaris, F.Augusto, Carrillo, Zivkovik and Rafa, and With Jimenez or Luka Jovic in the front. I believe that none of the starters of last game will play in this last match, and so the team will be way more weak.

Boavista, in the other side, made a fantastic season. They will end in the 9th spot of the table, At home, in the last 5 games they only have 1 lost, which is a very good performance for a middtable team. I believe that they will play with their best team, because they play this one at hme, and is the last game of the season for them. I believe that they will try at least to score a goal, but I honestly believe that they can grab 1 point in this game.

I believe that the best option for this game is this both to score option. Last time benfica played with their second choiced, they tied 3-3 at home against Estoril. I believe that this will be a very similar game, obviously not with 6 goals, but I believe that both teams will score in this match.

Good Luck and enjoy the match!
2017-05-18 16:33:30


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