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Neither side can be too proud of their performances this season. At the moment, Middlesbrough has only a point more than Hull City, but both teams are near the bottom of the EPL table.

However, it looks like this match will be decided not by who is better, but who’s worse! Because Hull has been terrible this season, I believe another disaster awaits for them on Monday evening.

First of all, Hull City is the Premier League team with the biggest number of conceded goals. After playing only 13 games, they have the goal difference of 11:28. This also makes them the team with the least number of scored goals in the Premier League this season.

Unfortunately for Hull City fans, the bad news doesn’t end there. For the clash with Middlesbrough, Hull manager, Mike Phelan won’t be able to count on a number of players, including the very talented striker from Uruguay, Abel Hernandez.

In the last 4 Premier League matches that they played away from home, Hull City allowed 15 goals! It looks like they won’t be improving that score anytime soon as they have pretty tough schedule ahead. On top of everything, Hull should be very worried that Middlesbrough attackers are getting in a very good form.

This is especially true for Alvaro Negredo, who scored twice in the last weekend’s draw with Leicester City. In fact, the Spaniard has scored only 3 goals so far in the league and is desperate to improve his yield. I think he might just do it in the clash with Hull City.
Midl. win & 3+
2016-12-02 21:28:46


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