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AJ Auxerre


FC Valenciennes

No surprise regarding Auxerre. Keeping in mind the disastrous inter-season campaign Auxerre is involved in relegation battle being second rock bottom with only 15 points. They already changed the coach, Moldovan being sacked in November. Also they struggled with plenty of injuries at the beginning of the season and also during the season, missing some good players. Without some good reinforcement in the winter break Auxerre will continue to struggle in second part of the season. They are coming after a good result 1-1 against leader Troyes, but the game was rather poor (Niane – Troyes missing a penalty).

Valenciennes was a nice team to watch during this 18 rounds. A team who like to play on attack but also taking full advantage from some lethal counterattacks when was the case. Having a game based on attack, the defense was putted on 2nd plane, Valenciennes having 2nd worst defense but 1st attacking compartment. Hope they will stay like this an enjoyable team to watch for most of the time. In last round they snatched with some luck a draw 2-2 on the road at Red Star, leveling in 93rd minutes. Fulgini remains banned for this game while young striker Faustin is injured.

Auxerre made a courageous first half in last game against Troyes and are in a desperate situation. Valenciennes slow down a bit lately and I don’t think they will have again same luck as in previous game. Auxerre must win here so I take them for a new home win. gl
2016-12-15 23:09:01


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