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I saw this bet yesterday but unfortunately I didn't had the time to write a preview and odds dropped. Very interesting game in Europa League between Krasnodar and Celta Vigo where I think that both teams will score at least a goal. This should be a very open match. First leg ended 2-1: Celta Vigo were clearly the better side but their defense is weak and Krasnodar were able to score a very important goal that gave them chances for the 2nd leg.

Krasnodar are a very dangerous team especially when they play at home. Last time that they lost when playing in front of their fans was about 5 months ago (there was a league break). They didn't started well 2017 as they won only 2 matches out of 6 played. Their main problem is defense: they have conceded at least a goal in 5 of these games. Tonight, they need to play offensive minded (and they usually do that at home) trying to score and they should do that without big troubles. They have scored in every single game this year (10 goals in 6 matches played) and we all know that Celta Vigo, as I said before, have not a strong defense.

Celta Vigo, on the other hand, will not play defensive minded tonight imo. 2-1 at home is a very dangerous result and they are one of the most offensive minded teams in La Liga Santander. They have scored at least a goal in 3 of the last 4 games played on the road failing to score only against Barcelona (they lost 5-0). They have a very strong offense and I'm expecting them to score at least a once tonight against a very poor defense.

Both teams are very offensive minded. Krasnodar need to attack from the 1st minute of play and they have conceded almost always this season. On the other hand, Celta Vigo will not try only to defend the result (as Krasnodar did in the 1st leg) and will try to score one or even more goals. All I see here is a very open match with both teams trying to score.
2017-03-16 17:55:40


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