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One thing was certain in recent years: Arsenal finishing 4th. Their favourite position looks to be in danger this season as they find themselves at the 6th spot a the moment. There's still enough time for them to grab that final UCL spot, especially as they've played couple of matches less than City and Liverpool occupying 3rd and 4th spot respectively. However, Arsenal has been playing noticeably worse this season in comparison to the last 5 years at least. Because of it, seems like everyone lost faith in Wenger. Players looked confused and their biggest star, Sanchez, has been clearly expressing his desire to leave ASAP. Add to the mix some injuries to the key players in the defence and you have a pretty big price for Arsenal win as a result.

But I believe this makes a good investment opportunity. Arsenal looked good against West Ham midweek. Truth to be told, West Ham has their own problems, but Arsenal still had a really convincing performance. This probably gave them a confidence boost they needed to rally to the 4th spot.

Arsenal played a 3rd choice keeper and a lot of people assumed he'll concede especially without Koscielny in the defencce. Opposite was the case. Not that Martinez was properly tested in that game, but how bad could he really be? In defence, Mustafi played well with Gabriel so I am not concerned Palace will get plenty of good scoring chances anyway.

What also makes me confident about backing Arsenal is the fact Ozil finally showed up, Walcott looked good and Giroud came from the bench and scored. Sanchez was hardly involved. He had a huge burden throughout the season so its nice to see that he can rely on his teammates for a bit. This versatility right now makes me think Arsenal will in fact be able to get the points in this Monday London matchup.

Palace is fighting for survival, but this is not a do or die game for them as they are 3 points above the relegation and 2 matches played less than 18th placed Swansea. Their schedule till the end is not kind though, but they have a good chance to survive nevertheless. They too have some injuries to deal with especially in defence and I really see one clear winner here and that is Arsenal.

Fair price would be in the region of 1.60 so I see enough value here for medium stake
2017-04-10 16:58:49


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