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Arminia Bielefeld


VfB Stuttgart

BielefeldVSStuttgart I did not expect the odds to be at around 1.80, as I think this match has some really good chances to be efficient, but it suits us anyway. Arminia are in a desperate need for points, as they are in the relegation zone, with not somany games until the end. However, they are only 2 points away from a safe place, and it looks like they have realized the seriousness of their situation and started playing soem very nice football. The hosts have 3 wins and draw in the last 4 matches, scoring a good amount of goals. Speaking about the scoring, they've done that in 13 from their last 15 games of all kinds, showing their determination and apparently, solid scoring mood. Arminia want to survive this season, and I sure we will see them attacking, especially as Stuttgart haven't been in the best possible shape lately.

The guests are on the 2nd place with 2 points less than Hannover, which was kinda expected at the start of the season, given the fact those two teams came from Bundesliga. The guests haven't many games in the past couple of rounds, in fact,only 2 in the last 6 matches, allowing at least 1 goal in 5 of them. Although they are the best away side, it doesn't mean that much as their away score is 6-4-4,with 17 goals scored and also allowed, which does not look impressive at all. They have problems defending on the road, and they've lost points easily to all even remotely motivated hosts. Of course, they are still a better side, and they have a chance to claim the 1st place from Hannover, so we shouldn't doubt in their motivation.

Arminia are actually the most attractive team in the league,with exactly 3 goals per match, which undoubtedly shows their games do have goals. It will be a duel between two sides who both need points a lot, which can easily lead to goals in both nets. Good luck!
2017-04-17 16:44:17


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