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LOSC Lille


FC Metz

Lille after two consecutive wins they are at 11 place of the table and if they keep performing this way thwy will manage to go at first top 10. They beat Guingamp and Montpellier 3-0 showing better performance on the match against Guingamp and this is because they had many more chances to score and win like 6-0. Against Montpellier they were just successful on targets (which is also very good but I am just comparing the two matches). Their coach is aiming to go on with that and be on the team next season too. They had many absentees in these last matches but they don't seem to be bothered. They have found solutions for anything.

Metz managed to beat Nancy and they have now 39 points. I don't believe that they will have relegation problems, I don't expect any other team below them to be able to surpass them. Against Nancy, even though the match was very important they didn't play defensively as expected. They scored first and they could have done 2-0, instead of that though Nancy tied the game but they were able to score again 2-1. Afterwards they didn't play defensively and they tried to score more goals. Anyway they got the three points and they will manage to stay in the category as it seems. On their travels though, they do pretty bad as they lost 5-1 to Lorian.

I expect Metz to play offensively once again, as they did in their important previous match. Why not today too and score a goal? I also expect Lille to win this one as they don't face any scoring problems based on their recent performance.
Home win / BTTS
2017-05-06 17:49:39


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