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Monaco will know is that they have to continue to pump balls into the box against this strong Juventus side and make the most of any opportunities that they can try and score at, especially since they come from a 2-0 deficit and try to score at any cost. Monaco will play with some of the quickest and most talented players on the wings including Lemar, Sidibe, Bakayoko, Bernardo who will look to cross balls into the box for Falcao and even Mbappe to get their heads on them. All of them have a goal in them as been seen by their performances against Dortmund, Man City, Tottenham, Moscow and Leverkusen in the Champions League this season. Monaco have been generating around 5 corners per game away from home in the with their corner count reading as: 5,6,1,6,7,4,6,8. That average goes put to 6 corners per game in the league with performances against good sides reading: Bordeaux (10), Nice (4), Lyon (6) and including 7 that they hit against Juventus last week.

Juventus would like to keep the ball out of their box to maintain their fantastic defensive record in this competition. Monaco will look to attack on the break and Juventus who have struggled on the road more than at home this season; will have to worry about the speed of this Monaco team. Juventus at home have conceded an average of 4 corners per game in the Champions League. When we look at their performances against good sides, the corner count reads: Barcelona (8), Atalanta (7), Napoli (5), Milan (5), Inter (8), Roma (8).

This will be a tie which will see a lot of open play, but goals will be extremely tight to go around in this encounter, so I am backing Monaco to get over 4.5 corners in this game.
Mon. over 4.5 cornersJu
2017-05-09 14:38:09


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